ICBT commits on adapting and implementing sensible policies and procedures to guarantee students have the chance to effectively finish their studies. The college keeps an expert setting by guaranteeing a protected, good, and reasonable climate for all students and staff.

Infringement of the policies and principles might lead to suspension or potentially removal under the state of insufficient execution and unsuitable activities

Student Academic Policy

  1. In order to enhance the learning experience, the attendance of the students is compulsory.
  2. It is the responsibility of the students to inform the staff in case the student is unable to attend.
  3. Students must review the course material and it will be the responsibility of the student to catch up with the course material in case the student misses any class.
  4. Academic honesty is utmost important at ICBT. It is the responsibility of the student to complete the assignments according to the instructions given by the instructors.
  5. Academic dishonesty like plagiarism has no place at ICBT. There is a zero tolerance policy regarding plagiarism. In case, the student is found plagiarizing, the assignment/test/exam will automatically awarded zero. If the student, is found plagiarizing for the second time, the student will be removed from the course and after the third time, the student will be expelled from the college.
  6. If the student plans to not come to class for three consecutive classes, the student must provide the documentation for his/her absence. If the student fails to provide the documentation, the college administration will reserve the right to expel the student from the college.
  7. Section 6(c) of the Alberta Institution Designation Agreement (AIDA) states educational institutions are required to consider a student with student loans as withdrawn if they have not attended class for five consecutive days without an excused absence. The school must consider the student as withdrawn (for the purpose of student funding) and notify AET of the withdrawal. The effective date of the student’s withdrawal is the first of the five days that the student was absent.
  8. The institute may continue to allow withdrawn students to remain in their program, but the students will no longer be eligible for student funding.

Student Expulsion Policy

ICBT has a zero tolerance policy regarding the following:

1. Academic Dishonesty

Academic Dishonesty is:

  1. Cheating, Facilitation, Fabrication, Plagiarism
  2. Intentionally helping other students or taking help in any way which is unapproved by the instructors.
  3. Offering gifts, money or any other kind of materials to any staff for any favour.
  4. Copying other students materials or stealing any information.
2. Outstanding Fees

If the student fails to pay the fees, that will be considered as debt payable to the college. The college reserve the right to expel the student incase the fees in not paid and after the written warning has been provided by the college to the student.

3. Harassment or Discrimination

Harrasment and discrimination of any form will be taken very seriously and will be delt in very serious manner at ICBT. It is considered an offence under the Canadian law and it will not be tolerated at any cost at ICBT. Everyone (staff, students and administration) are required to respect each other. Students and staff will have full freedom to speak out and notify the management if they face any kind of discrimination or any kind of harrasment. Any individual involved will be subject to suspension until the investigation is concluded. Any individual found guilty will be subject to expulsion.

4. Misrepresentation

Any student involved in intentional misrepresentation of any kind of paperwork will be expelled from the college.

5. Academic Failure

Students who fail courses even after repeat exams, or who fail the lab evaluation or their practicum or their second practicum may be expelled from the College.

6. Misuse of College Property

Students are expected to behave in a professional manner at all times. If any student is found damaging college property, he/she will be subject to expulsion from the college. The student will be responsible to pay back any kind of damages made to the college property.

Student Withdrawal Policy

For the purpose of Alberta student funding, ICBT must consider a funded student as withdrawn under any of the following circumstances:

  1. As per section 6 (c) of the Alberta Institution Designation Agreement (AIDA), when a student has missed five consecutive class days without contacting the institution, before or during the absence, to provide a reasonable excuse. In this case, the effective date of the student’s withdrawal is the first of the five days that the student was absent.
  2. When a student with a reasonable excuse is absent for more than 30 consecutive days, the effective date of the withdrawal is the first day during this period that the student was absent.
  3. When a student has excessive absences that will prevent him/her from successfully completing the program within the scheduled study period. In this case the effective date of student’s withdrawal is the last day that the student was in attendance.

Student Privacy Policy

ICBT is bound by federal laws to protect the privacy of its students and all student information. The college respects the right to privacy of its students and is committed to safeguarding the personal and contact information of each student and graduate. ICBT will not disclose a student’s personal information without a prior written consent of the student.

Personal information acquired from students, alumni, staff, and other business partners is protected at ICBT. This involves employee training and the implementation of control measures for the responsible use of personal information that college employees have access to while executing work-related activities.

  1. An individual accessing his or her own personal information
  2. An employee of the College with authorized access based on a legitimate academic or business need
  3. Any organization or person authorized by the individual to receive the information
  4. Authorized legal agent, government body, or representative under the circumstance where the college complies with the release of personal information,
  5. Individuals or entity as permitted by law where deemed to be necessary for reasonable conduct of college business

Student Complaint & Dispute Resolution Process

ICBT is dedicated to treating its students and employees fairly, as well as taking an open and collaborative approach to dealing with student complaints. Wherever possible, we shall strive to address student complaints and conflicts informally. Processes are available to satisfactorily settle the issue when formal resolution is required:

  1. All complaints to ICBT administration must be in writing via letter or email. All complaints must be signed and dated.
  2. The position of the complainant in their course or programme of study will not be affected by filing a complaint.
  3. Individual and group complaints are managed under student complaint policies and processes.
  4. All complaints should be addressed to:
    Unit 1219 3730 108 Ave NE,
    Calgary, AB
    T3N 1V9
  5. Complaints must be filed within 30 days of the occurrences that gave rise to the complaint.
  6. The first step to file the complaint is to the instructor. If the matter is not resolved at the first step, the student can move to the second step and file a complaint to the Registrar.
  7. Once the complaint has been received by the Registrar, the President shall form the committee of 2 individuals from the administration within 3 business days and the committee must meet with the student and resolve the issue in 10 business days.
  8. The student will have full freedom to express his arguments. The student can also have someone else to speak and present on his/her behalf. The committee must document the meeting details and present it to the President.
  9. After the review, the decision will be made by the President and the students shall be informed in writing within 15 business days.
  10. If the student is not satisfied with the second step, the student will have the right to meet one on one with the President to express his complaint and arguments in detail. The President can override his previous decision if needed. The student shall be informed in writing within 15 business days.
  11. ICBT will maintain a record of all student complaints for a period of three years from the date of the decision. This record will include a copy of the written student complaint, any submissions filed, and the written decision.
  12. Should the student not be satisfied with the decision rendered by ICBT, the student may refer the complaint to the Director, Private Vocational Training, 10th Floor Commerce Place, 10155-102 Street, Edmonton, AB T5J 4L5

Consent Policy

All students agree that ICBT may collect and use their personal images through photography or video recording for use on the ICBT website, newsletters, publications, and marketing purposes.

Students also agree to the collection and use of their public opinions, ranking, reviews, testimonials, statements, photographs, or recordings relating to ICBT for marketing purposes by ICBT. Other parties’ misuse of such statements, images, or recordings does not hold ICBT liable.

If a student chooses not to have their image, recordings, or other intellectual property used by the college, he or she must provide the college with a written letter stating that they do not want this information used by the college. ICBT will not use the student’s images or intellectual property if this option is selected.

International Students

It is the student’s responsibility to obtain necessary immigration documents from Citizenship and Immigration Canada, such as their Study Permit and/or Work Permit (CIC). ICBT does not provide immigration consulting services.

Communication Consent

By registering at ICBT, the student agrees or opts-in to receive emails, text messages, faxes, social media communications (e.g., Facebook), and phone calls from ICBT for the course of their programme and for communication purposes only after they have completed their programme.

These types of communications are used for instructional objectives, to manage student databases, to comply with government rules on statistics, and to send out invitations to future college events.

Refund Policy

All students requesting the refund must submit the appropriate form to the office of the registrar within thirty (30) days of withdrawal. All tuition fees, payments and refunds are assessed in accordance with the guidelines outlined by the Private Career College Branch of Alberta Ministry of Advanced Education. Each student must sign the Student Enrollment Contract at the time of registration.  When a student’s Alberta Student Enrolment Contract terminates, the amount of tuition that can be reimbursed to them is determined. When a student withdraws or is expelled from their programme, the contract comes to an end. Please see the ICBT  Academic & Conduct Policy for further information about withdrawals and expulsions. If a student receives financial aid, they must inform their funding source of their withdrawal or termination of their student contract.

Types of refunds

All refunds are according to the Private Career College guidelines set up by the Ministry of Advanced Education. For more information, refer to the points below:

(a) After contract is signed:

If you choose to cancel your contract on or before the 4th business day after you signed it, ICBT will refund any tuition fees you’ve paid.

(b) Before your program start date:

ICBT will refund your tuition fees if:

– You terminate your contract before the 4-day cooling off period

– ICBT terminates your contract before your program start date

– Your program does not start by the agreed upon date and you choose to terminate your contract

(c) After your program start date:

You may be entitled to a tuition refund if your contract is cancelled after your program start date. The amount is based on how much of the program you have completed.

(d) If you’ve paid all of the tuition for the program and completed:

– less than 10% of your program: your refund is at minimum 75% of your tuition

– more than 10% but less than 50% of your program: your refund is at minimum 40% of your tuition

– more than 50% of your program: ICBT will not provide you with a refund

(e) If you haven’t yet paid all of the tuition for the program and completed:

– less than 10% of your program: ICBT is entitled to up to 25% of the total cost of tuition

– more than 10% but less than 50% of your program: ICBT is entitled to up to 60% of the total cost of tuition

– more than 50% of your program: ICBT is entitled to up to 100% of the total cost of tuition

Refund eligibility

(a) Incidental fees:

ICBT does not refund incidental fees, such as: textbooks, lesson materials, supplies, printing, parking, equipment, etc.

(b) Completed over half of your program:

If you have completed more than 50% of your program, ICBT will not refund your tuition.

(c) Changes to program delivery:

How your program is delivered to you may change without penalty, provided the training you receive meets the requirements outlined in your signed contract. If your lessons are being supplied, marked and returned to you (such as through correspondence), then you are still able to complete your program and are therefore not eligible for a refund.

(d) Refund payments:

ICBT will make all eligible refund payments to whomever paid your tuition fees. This could be:

– directly to you, if you paid for your tuition

– your lender, if you have an outstanding student loan

– a government, agency or person who paid for you to complete the program

If the refund does not cover the full amount of money you borrowed or were provided to complete the program, you are responsible for arranging to pay the remaining amount.

Outstanding Fees

Failure to pay ICBT-related tuition or fees is considered a debt to the college. Students may be expelled if any unpaid fees are not paid in full after ICBT has issued a written warning. The college may withhold a student’s credential if outstanding fees are not paid by the time of graduation. If unpaid fees are not paid after receiving a written notice, the debt may be transferred to a collection agency and a bad rating reported to your credit bureau.

Additional Information

For more information, please see the Government of Alberta’s Private Career Colleges branch webpage or contact ICBT administration.

Admission Process for Domestic Students:

Domestic students can start their enrollment by contacting the International College admissions office. ICBT will determine your eligibility in 3 steps.

  1. Students apply and submit their application along with documentation.
  2. Students meet in-person or virtually with the Admissions team to discuss the details of the program.
  3. ICBT admissions team will determine your eligibility by assessing the documents and will notify you of the final decision made.

For International Students, the students are required to submit their documents and upon assessment of their documentation, the admissions team will notify the students of the final decision. If further information is required, the admissions team will contact the student

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